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Andrew Chen 哈摟,大家好,謝謝大家來到我的網站,我叫Andrew Chen 來自台北。



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Hi, My name is Andrew Chen from Taiwan. Currently, I am a freelance for photography, graphic design and web design.I was studying in a Art High School when I was young. At my second year of high school, I had a chance to involves in traditional photography. My first SLR camera began my photography life. Since then, I started to learn how to shoot, how to develop films. I fall in love with photography. I have been learning photography for more than 10 years and until now I am still learning everyday.I live to know different cultures and also I love to use my camera to capture those moments and record them. I shoot anything. But among all topics, I love shooting people and capture the instant emotional feelings. Also, I like to shoot kids. That is because Kids’ facial expressions and motions are all so nature and sincere. And they honestly reveal their feelings at most of the moments.

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